Light Roast Colombian Breakfast Blend - 1 lb

100% Arabica beans make light-bodied, bright and mild coffee.

Dark Roast Central American Blend - 1lb

100% Arabica beans from Central America produce a bold, full-bodied brew.

Brazilian Water-Processed Decaffeinated - 1lb

The natural decaffeination process creates an incredibly clean-tasting and rich decaf. If you’re wishing you could still experience the taste of regular coffee but can not tolerate the caffeine, try this one!!

100% Colombian Decaf - 1lb

100% Arabica Columbian beans make a mild and smooth decaf at Medium Roast. Also makes a great Dark Roast with pronounced dark chocolate notes.

Medium Roast Central & South American Blend - 1lb

100% Arabica beans from Central & South America create a fuller-bodied, smooth coffee with low acidity.

Fair Trade, Shade-Grown and Organic Ethiopia Yirgacheffe - 1lb

With hints of honey, milk chocolate and ripe berry, this bean produces a supremely smooth cup, best appreciated at Light to Medium roast.

Fair Trade, Shade-Grown and Organic Sumatra Mandheling - 1lb

Rich and full-bodied, this coffee has a thick mouth-feel and is smoky and spicy with a long, lingering finish. We recommend a Dark to Italian Roast.

Nicaragua Selva Negra Estate - 1 lb

Super smooth, chocolatey cup with a rich creamy finish. We recommend a Medium Roast or Dark Roast if you prefer a smoky finish.

Flavored Coffees - 1lb

Based on our Central America blend beans we add flavor oils to create mouth-watering flavors. Choose from a variety of tasty options...

Milky Way Espresso Blend - 1lb

Blended and roasted for stand-alone espresso shots, this blend is ultra creamy with sweet caramel notes and produces a thick, satisfying crema. Roasted in the tradition of the Northern Italian Style of espresso, this is a light to medium bean with mild, balanced acidity.

Sumatra Water-Processed Decaffeinated Organic Fair Trade - 1lb

A great option for Decaf drinkers that enjoy a full-bodied cup. This cup is bold, clean with hints of cocoa powder. We recommend a Dark Roast.

Mexico Chiapas Organic Fair Trade - 1lb

Nutty and deep chocolate notes with a smooth finish. We recommend a Dark Roast.

Castaway - 1lb

We’ve aged our coffee beans, before roasting, with the finest liquors.  The aroma and nuances of the liquor blend with the beans to create a delectable coffee experience.

Costa Rica Naranjo Santiago - 1lb

A smooth, caramel brew with a sweet finish. We recommend a Medium Roast.

Colombia Narino Marco Aurelio - 1lb

A delicate coffee with a bright floral body and a sweet finish. We recommend Light Roast.

Bad Panda - 1lb

Our signature blend - an ultra smooth coffee with a sweet finish and a big kick of caffeine. Available Light to Medium Roast only.